Roma, Dybala is already smiling: he wants to be there against Inter

Rome Pedal, smile, action. There is good news for Roma coming from Miami, as Argentina prepares for two friendlies against Honduras and Jamaica. Paulo Dybala He’s part of the group, and he didn’t report anything muscle injuryHe is running a potential return protocol with the medical staff. He will likely miss the first test, which is scheduled for Saturday, but may indicate his availability for the next test, scheduled for Wednesday (two in the morning in Italy). Mourinho Reassured by the information collected in the US: Dybala hopes to be called Inter Roma Even if his arrival in Trigoria is expected only on Friday morning, to finish the training that precedes his departure to Milan.

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Dybala, cheer up

There is a picture you can see on this page of Dybala warming up his muscles on an exercise bike near Messi it’s at Tagliafico. It’s an optimistic message that bounces back this side of the Atlantic: after defeat Atalantawhere Rome was not enough 21 shots and at least 6 chances From one goal to the next, Paolino’s (copyright Mourinho) contribution becomes key to chasing down the clouds of opposition. Fans actually didn’t allow themselves to be swayed by the negativity, either in the written reaction last Sunday in the Olympic Both are on the horizon for the next two home matches, against Pettis And the Lychee, where they will fill the stadium again. But it is clear that with Dybala, having participated in 5 out of 8 goals in the league, not counting the tenderness baked in the cup against. Hjk HelsinkiThe team can travel more calmly towards the match against Inter. And it is the club that Dybala seemed determined to go to, at the beginning of the summer.

The difficult renewal of Zaniolo: all obstacles

Pellegrini Terms

At least on the bench, in short, the strongest player has to be around. Instead, terms Lorenzo Pellegrini, who wanted to finish the match against Atalanta despite the inconvenience of the “usual” Al-Muthanna, who stopped him several times in recent years. After being examined by doctors National At Coverciano, Pellegrini returned home to continue Treatments. If he had stopped earlier, at the same moment he felt his muscles stiffen, he might have been able to play With Italy in the League of Nations. But as captain, he did not want to abandon his teammates, trying to make up for the disadvantage. At the moment, automated tests have prevented serious damage: in the next week, depending on the cycle, Mourinho and Pellegrini They will choose whether to risk a quick recovery to lead Roma against Inter. if not ZanioloThe attacking midfielder, who anticipated the call in blue but will be able to use the break to train well, will play the attacking midfielder behind the two attacking pair of lbrahimredemption petition, e BelottiThe first player in the league.

Pellegrini leaves relegation in the national team: returns to Rome to recover

Rome, the team

But at Milan, Mourinho should also embrace two interesting options on the bench: kumpula In defense Ed El Shaarawy in the attack. The two are completing rehab for their muscle injuries and will be back on the set in the next few days. Both were injured on August 30 against Monza.

Wijnaldum, the letter

Meanwhile, he talks about encouraging messages, yesterday Georginio Wijnaldum He posted a video on Instagram in which he thanked the football world for their support: “I understand that the injury hit the fans. It was hard for me to accept that too, I’ve had very sad days. But now I’m doing whatever it takes to get back as quickly as possible. My rehabilitation is going well. The season is still long and I will do my best for Roma.”

Wijnaldum "difficult period".  Serie A, Mourinho and Sarri have been excluded

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Wijnaldum “The Difficult Period”. Serie A, Mourinho and Sarri have been excluded

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