Rohingya refugees arrive in western Indonesia on rundown boat

Title: Rohingya Refugees Stranded at Sea Beg for Help and Protection

Around 250 Rohingya refugees find themselves stranded at sea in the Andaman Sea after being rejected by Indonesia. These refugees, who have fled persecution in Myanmar, arrived in western Indonesia on Thursday but were tragically prevented from landing. The locals in Bireuen refused to allow the boat to dock, forcing it to be pushed back out to sea.

Subsequently, when the boat attempted to land again at Muara Batu, the refugees were heartbreakingly lined up and escorted back to their vessel. The Rohingya refugees, who risk their lives on dangerous sea journeys to reach perceived safety in Malaysia or Indonesia, have been travelling for almost three weeks. They have been relentless in their determination to find refuge in Aceh.

Throughout the evening, tensions escalated in Muara Batu. While concerned fishermen at the location tried to lend their support by providing food and water to the refugees, it became increasingly apparent that a resolution was urgently needed. The majority of the passengers on the boat are women and children, some of whom are experiencing extreme hunger.

The desperate circumstances are underscored by the fact that one Rohingya man appeared almost lifeless after swimming to shore. In an act of desperation, he appealed to the locals for help. Meanwhile, the rest of the refugees remain on the boat, hovering approximately 100 meters from the beach.

Currently, it is estimated that there are between 250 to 260 refugees either onboard the boat or on the beach. These individuals are now begging for protection and appealing for help as they await a resolution to their dire situation.

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The state of these 250 Rohingya refugees stranded at sea highlights the ongoing global refugee crisis. As they came seeking safety and protection, it is crucial for international bodies and concerned parties to come together and offer a swift resolution to alleviate their suffering. The News Teller will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates on this pressing matter.

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