Rock stars sell music, Fleetwood after Dylan

NEW YORK, January 17 – Following the example of Bob Dylan and Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac co-founder Mick Fleetwood has sold his share of the band’s recordings to the music giant BMG. The deal covers the rights to classic albums such as “Rumors”, “Tango In The Night” and “Tusk”, with a total of around 300 songs and “18 hours of drums”, according to German media giant Bertelsmann’s music division. . A few days ago, Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 dream single “Dreams” drove TikTok into a frenzy with 2.9 million views followed by massive sales in broadcast while in 2020, the most successful group was “50 Years – Don” ‘t Stop’ entered the top ten albums of the year in the UK. The agreement between BMG and Fleetwood differs from that of Dylan and Young: the two musicians were limited to consecutive selling to Universal Music and British Hipgnosis Songs Fund from their music catalog, not the actual recordings rights. Instead, Bmg paid a one-off payment to Mick Fleetwood for future proceeds from distributing his music including “master tapes” that were created in the studio over the past fifty years. The boom in streaming services like Spotify in the most famous of the pandemics has been behind the boom in sales of music catalogs that generate revenue every time they are played on the radio or the Internet or used in movies, TV shows, or online fitness shows like Peloton. But the lockdown that has banned parties and tours is also at stake, not to mention the “age factor”. (handle).

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