Robox, Draghi applies the golden power of the Chinese to Piedmontese’s hi-tech patents –

Mario Draghi’s government has objected and appealed To the rules of the golden power regarding the transfer of technologies and computer code An Italian robotics company for a Chinese company in the same sector. The agreement between Efort Intelligent Equipment, a leading Chinese robotics companyItalian Robox, based in the province of Novara, dates back to March of this year. provides that The Chinese buy another 9% of Piedmont Climb up to 49% of the property.

Veto over technology transfer

On this point of the agreement, worth two million euros, in Palazzo Chigi they had nothing to say, but the investigation opened a few weeks ago convinced DraghiAn opportunity to veto another part of the agreement, the part that provides for technology transfer And computer codes from Italian to Chinese company. The Italian company produces electronic components for the manufacture of robots and remote control systems for machines. The news was released on June 7 by Reuters and the sources that provided more than one detail are Chinese. According to the Italian legislation called the Golden Power The government can protect national strategic interests in key sectors From our economy, from banking to energy, from telecommunications to information technology.

golden power

Golden Power law states that the Italian government can veto an unfavorable takeover, acquisition attempt, or agreement in accordance with national interests. The presidency of the council can stop an entire operation by a foreign operator An Italian company is a party to the investment or the agreements as was the case in this case. Since it was introduced Legislation protecting companies or technologies that are strategic for the countryIn 2012, the powers of the Golden Power were exercised seven times. Six times out of the seven that have been directed to shut the door to Chinese interests geared toward our companies, the government of Mario Draghi, who took office on February 13 last year, has implemented among those five.

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In March, Mario Draghi’s government banned the sale of Italian drones produced for military use to a Chinese company. In this case, the Presidency of the Board canceled the sale of the company Alpi Aviation drones are of Mars Information Technology, which is based in Hong Kong and has subsidiaries from Beijing. The investigation began in the fall and the decision came on March 10. This is four days Before the long meeting in Rome between the diplomatic leaders of the United States and China. On previous occasions, the sectors that had been hit by an attempted penetration of the People’s Republic were food, 5G and semiconductors. It should be noted that The growing government interventions to stop foreign investment prompted many companies to take notice In Palazzo Chigi no hypothesis of agreement, even without any reason. In 2019, 83 companies applied, last year, to 500 Italian companies for permission to enter into agreements with foreign companies.

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