Roberta Siragosa killed her boyfriend in silence in front of the prosecutor

Part of the abandoned gymnasium located near the sports stadium of Caccamo, in the province of Palermo, was taken over by the local carabinieri. The area was the subject of a search ordered in connection with the investigation into the death of the 17-year-old Roberta Seragusa, Whose body was found in a ravine in Monte San Calogero. Investigators suspect that the victim’s body, before it was left at the bottom of the cliff, was transported to the structure, which is now undergoing a restoration process. Perhaps there is the alleged killer, alone or With the help of accomplicesAs investigators suspected, the body would have been cremated before it was transported. Army that arrested Roberta’s friend for crime and hiding the body, Pietro MorelliThey took soil samples for analysis. 19 years Accused of premeditated murder and concealment of the body.

Pietro does not answer the Prime Minister

Pietro Morelli during interrogations before the Public Prosecutor used the right not to respond, as has happened in recent days. But for the Prosecutor of Termini Emiriz (Palermo), there is no doubt: He is the one who killed his girlfriend and then set her on fireAt night between Saturday and Sunday. A hearing is currently underway to verify the authenticity of the arrest, and the Carabinieri has conducted further scientific surveys in the parking lot adjacent to the sports stadium. The phone cells indicate the two friends’ presence at about 1 a.m. on Saturday evening. Meanwhile, thecorpse dissection It was initially set yesterday. In fact, Pietro Morreale’s advocate, attorney Giuseppe de Cesare, asked the investigating judge to report the evidence in the autopsy examination, and thus was an expert appointed by the judge to conduct the autopsy examination rather than the person appointed by the prosecutor.

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Roberta’s family: “who knows, speak up”

In a memorandum, attorneys Giuseppe Casoni and Sergio Borghio, defenders of the Roberta family, launched an appeal to the victim’s friends and Anyone has information, Because “Communicate immediately, To the Carabinieri Any given or factThat occurred even before the tragedy, which could help investigators “.” Even seemingly irrelevant circumstances can prove crucial to achieving the common goal, the truth, “they wrote.

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