Roaming returns to Great Britain but not to Europe

Three UK companies have raised prices for Her Majesty’s citizens traveling to the EU – however, EU citizens are also safe from roaming in the UK

after, after Britain’s exit from the European Union, She returned roaming For those who enter Great Britain? The answer is no, at least for the time being. The divorce agreement between London and Brussels, in fact, does not affect the separation of the phone, leaving the question (good) operators.

finish off, There is no active telephone company in the European Union She said she wanted to reintroduce roaming to her customers who travel to the UK. As a result, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland continue to benefit from an EU agreement signed in 2017, under which European citizens pay home-earned tariffs for phone calls and mobile internet even when they move to other EU countries.

If we close our eyes toItaly, phone companies continue to consider Great Britain the other 27 countries in the European Union where roaming is not available.

However, it is not certain that this situation is destined to continue, as the word for phone operators does not apply forever.

At the beginning of the year, companies operating in Great Britain confirmed that they did not want roaming back after Brexit. But now some of them have changed their minds: it’s about Which (a subsidiary of British Telecom), three NS O2. The three companies announced tariff changes aimed at affecting the cost of phone calls and smartphone communications for British users going to the European Union.

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Regarding Vodafone – The main overseas operator – at the moment there are no steps back compared to what has been mentioned in recent months, so the roaming is still in effect.

The question can be finally resolved next year, given that by June 30, 2022 it will be necessary Re-negotiate the agreement It was reached at the EU level in 2017. So London is hoping that the agreement that remains outside the Brexit agreement will pivot there, preventing British citizens from returning to pay roaming charges in EU countries.

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