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RLSS UK publishes the use of drones in support of rescue operations in the water / video

Water safety and rescue experts have teamed up with Pioneering Remote Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and drone specialists Eagle Eye Innovations (EEI) to create a unique water rescue award that will be launched in April.

The Emergency Response Drone Pilot Award offers applicants the opportunity to learn the skills, technical knowledge, and legal aspects of using and operating a drone to assist in rescue operations in water.

Comparison of the RLSS project with sea rescue drones

The drones are completely waterproof, and are specifically designed to aid in rescue, they can find a person in distress and deploy a torpedo buoy or an inflatable rescue device, allowing valuable time for rescuers or emergency services to reach the victim.

Course content has been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority and covers the rules and regulations for official drone flight in the UK, practical drone flight techniques and rescue skills required to perform emergency procedures with life-sustaining drones until rescuers arrive.

Upon completion, applicants will earn three credits: the CAA A2 Certificate of Aptitude (A2 C of C), the General Line Visual Certificate (GVA), and the RLSS UK Emergency Drone Response Award.

RLSS UK was founded over 130 years ago and is recognized worldwide as an expert in water saving and safety.

They have a proud history of helping reduce the number of lives lost due to drowning and sharing their lifesaving knowledge to save lives and ensure everyone has safe water.

Eagle Eye Innovations (EEI) is a unique manufacturer of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS).

They are the UK’s longest-running RPAS academy, with unparalleled experience – including RAF-trained instructors with over 70 years of combined experience and qualified military search and rescue instructors.

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The EEI is responsible for training a large part of the British police force and other emergency services.

Robert Gufton, Managing Director of RLSS UK said:

“We are thrilled to partner with EEI for this ground-breaking new rescue award.

Worryingly, there was an increase in water-related accidental deaths in 2021.

If using the latest technology, such as drones, can save lives so that rescuers can reach the victim, it will only save more lives and prevent families from having to live with the tragedy of losing a loved one.”

Sion Roberts, Managing Director of EEI added:

“The partnership we have forged with RLSS UK brings an exceptional team that can emphasize and educate the disruptive power of remote-guided technology through professional trainings and world-class educators.

The flying skills and knowledge that candidates will learn on the course will add a unique and life-saving ability to their existing skillset.

It’s another great example of using drones for good.”

Beta Course Candidate Tony Weston said:

“Wow – what a week it has been learning a new ‘life skill’ – flying a drone that can help save lives!

The experience was unforgettable and the coaching team was excellent.”

This project is ideal for emergency services – fire, police, local authorities, open water venues, triathlon clubs, Canal & River Trust, landowners, River Rescue and search and rescue teams.

The first cycle will run from Monday 25 to Friday 29 April 2022 at RLSS UK headquarters in Worcester.

Watch RLSS UK video on the use of rescue drones

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Royal Life Saving Society UK

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