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Rivian, will it be the UK’s first giant European factory?

Rivian It seems that he is in talks with several British ministers to build New factory in Bristol. According to some recent rumors, the US automaker is in talks with ministers to build a new Giga plant with state assistance as well. To support Rivian, there will also be a car maker Ford E The great American giant Amazon.

In fact, we know that a company funded by Amazon can choose a construction site for the new plant Site 250 hectares. Not surprisingly, the acquisition of these spaces has been at the center of an important debate with the British government.

We reiterate that nothing has been decided yet and that the future of the new project can depend on the actual assistance that the UK decides to provide to the US manufacturer. As it was widely known, the new gigafactory could be a Rivian investment 1.2 billion euros.

Let’s not forget that the Plymouth-based company currently only has one plant in the US and the goal appears to be to open second plant In America, where not only produce vehicles, but also drums who a The first European factory. Arrival in the UK could inevitably give a big boost to the country’s electrification in light of the halt in sales of heat-sucking cars set by the Boris Johnson government. 2030Forecast projected times initially at 10 years.

In the event that the Rivian project fails, the American auto technology company will be willing to consider starting production in Countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and Hungary. However, at the moment, we do not yet know which models will be built in Europe, but it is likely that the models that the Rivian will import to the Old Continent will continue to be produced in the USA.

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