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Rivian, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom compete for the European plant

Rivian It has just started production of its R1T electric truck and is starting construction From R1S SUV. It is not an easy task and we already know that delivery times are long. After all, for a new manufacturer, getting the production chain of its first models up and running is not easy. Tesla, for example, knows this all too well. Suffice it to recall the numerous problems with the start of production of the Model 3.

However, Rivian has always been very straightforward on its expansion plans. We already know that sales of its new models in Europe should start in 2022. Moreover, there has been talk for some time about the possibility that the American manufacturer with investors of the caliber of Amazon is behind it, Can open a factory in the ancient continent.

In the past, there was talk of the possibility of building this plant in the UK. In particular, some reports claimed that the plant could be built Land near Bristol and that some initial negotiations were underway between Rivian and the British government. However, there is a problem. The American manufacturer will have to create a factory from scratch. This would be a very important investment.

According to a recent Sky News report, Boris Johnson He was going to inform the company’s top management that he was working on Special package for tax exemption. The goal is clearly to persuade the company to open the plant near Bristol. However, in this negotiation I also entered the Netherlands.

There will already be a factory ready

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Confirmation comes from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs that negotiations are underway with the American company. Compared to the UK, in the Netherlands There will already be a factory ready Rivian could take over the production of its cars. Attention will be drawn to VDL Nedcar production site, a contract manufacturer, today produces some models of the BMW Group, including the X1 and some types of MINI. However, the agreement with the BMW Group is due to expire in 2023 and will not be renewed.

The plant’s owner, VDL Groep, will have to find a new customer to keep the plant open or sell it. According to some rumors, the company Rivian could subsequently purchase this plant. apparently, Kano too He set his sights on this site to produce his cars. However, the company said it has paused discussions.

On the other hand, VDL Nedcar claims to be in talks with its companies. If Rivian does not fully own the VDL Nedcar, but only the production lines used by BMW, then it will also be possible to produce for both American companies. So it will be interesting to understand how the negotiations are going. The objective fact is that Rivian intends to build a factory on the Old Continent. We’ll likely find out the exact location over the next few months.

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