Rivarolo Mantofano, Essential Medicine: The Arrival of Mattia Zavanella

In Rivarolo, the mayor and ATS officials have been able to find the right balance for basic health care. Medical services performed by the doctor Olympia Carrillowho resigned, in fact will be appointed continuously by Dr. Mattia Zavanella who will work in the clinic on Via Marconi 63, from Thursday 22 September. Dr. Carrillo’s resignation from the public domain since the beginning of September has caused confusion among patients, many of whom are elderly and general practitioners. Mario Lodi Rizzini And the Egidio Galle, placed in the resting state until the age limits are reached. In fact, a chronic shortage of general practitioners is known which generates problems in allocating vacant fields. In Rivarolo, until a few months ago, basic health care was provided in clinics set up in the two doctors’ homes, both residents. With the rotation approaching, the municipal administration has set up a medical clinic in the buildings adjacent to the multi-purpose room on 63 Marconi Street, with the intent and hope of maintaining service in the municipality: the new doctor will receive patients from Monday to Friday, by appointment.

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