Rivarolo del Re, the new general medicine clinic opened

Three doctors, a nurse, a family and a country that does not give up. Despite the difficulties, in spite of everything. The opening of the new general medicine clinic in Rivarolo del Re ed Uniti at Via Papa Giovanni XXIII goes far beyond the continuity of service indispensable to all citizens. The mayor knows that well Luca Zanicelli That a lot was spent precisely so that the state did not lose the possibility of a general practitioner. He did it specifically for the old and the frail but he did it for everyone.

There was a danger of losing service to a part of the country – even if not to all citizens, but to a significant part. When he said Dr. Giuseppe ManaraAfter reaching the minimum retirement age, Rivarolo del Rey finds himself with only a doctor Enrico Olivani To practice the profession of general medicine. 42 years of activity for him which started in July 1979 in Rivarolo but already has the largest number of patients he can follow. Without enough space and only one doctor for more than 1,800 residents in the municipality. Many, many people over 65 who had to choose Casalmaggiore or Sabbioneta with all the ensuing inconveniences. It will not be so.

The new GP clinic serves exactly this, and that is the purpose of the two new young doctors who have settled in Rivarolo del Rey who will provide continuity of care to that segment of the population that needs it most but not only. The burden of the clinic is borne by the municipality: in fact, the doctors will not pay at least for these first times, no rent and no expenses.

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