“Risk of Collapse”. Healthy mess in the red: League summons ministerial inspectors

The situation is alarming. The patient, now in a general state of suffering, seemed to be in danger of becoming paralyzed. So shock therapy is needed. Calling her out loud was it leagueConcern about the health status of the patient concerned: drainage system in Emilia-Romagna. In a note issued in the past few hours, some Carroccio deputies denounced “EmergencyWhere the focus is on public health in the region it governs Stefano Bonacini. Salvini’s deputies therefore asked, also according to some reports, the Minister of Health, Orazio Schellaci, to intervene soon and assess the transmission of Ministerial inspectors.

Risk of paralysis. Health care chaos in Emilia-Romagna

The situation is paralysis risks: Unions have been reporting serious problems for some time organizational problemsBecause of the shortage in the number of personnel, and the consequent repercussions for patients and, above all, for the activities of the emergency department. Citizens also complain about delays in bookingsA statement signed by reads Lega deputies Elena Morelli, group leader on the Senate Health Committee, Laura Cavandoli and Davide Bergamini. In the note with the respective tones, reference is also made to “thorny questionIt was raised by the press following the statements of the former Director General of the Department of Health. The latter, in fact, denounced the serious deficiencies in the management of Health care resources by regional companies. Anac could have also intervened in this matter.

Repair “to save the system”

Therefore, the demand put forward by the university is a request for clarification aimed at destabilizing the region’s left-of-center leaders and reaching ministerial buildings. In recent weeks, regional advisors Paolo Calvano (financial statement) and Raphael Donini (Health Policies) provided accounts of the health system of Emilia-Romagna declaring: “SWe’ve come up with a balanced budget, and so we’ve answered anyone who has doubtsAt the same time, Donini also allowed the full complication of the situation, hoping for a necessary reform of the “Save the systemMore than an emergency and penetrating case, however, the case denounced Carroccio and brought it to Schellaci’s attention.

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The league’s complaint: “they have politicized the health system”

With a budget deficit of more than 800 million euros in 2022 alone, the health services in our region are in an emergency situation, which can no longer be traced back to the pandemic. The Region is widely aware of this critical issuesIt has already been raised by our board team, but so far it hasn’t lifted a fingerNorthern League MPs reported that they had been forced to request the Ministry’s intervention.In the face of the situation now a collapse riskAnd he shared the same placeholder line Jacobo MoroniSecretary of the League of Romania, who has been denouncing for years “The gradual crisis of the health system in Romania thanks to the unrealistic top-down management and, to say the least, unfortunate management of the Vasta region“Absolutely,” argued Ace Carroccio, “Everything depends on the head, or on the regional councils that have politicized the health system, ignoring the centralization of the people.“.

Union concern

Thus, the node is political only to a certain extent: in the middle are services for the citizens. At the beginning of March, trade unions took to the streets in Bologna to express their “Big concern“On regional health. The trade unions, on this occasion, have denounced it.”Lack of responses to acknowledge necessary resources“Which raises controversy about the issue of the staff available in the structures.”The region has decided since the end of 2022 to prevent sales turnover, and therefore does not guarantee alternatives For people who are retiring or quitting or moving to other realities so we’re not seeing an expansion we’re seeing a contraction of the workforce which is then necessary to ensure diagnostic and specialist services in the areaPaolo Palmarini, the regional secretary at Uil-Fpl, complained.

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The junta led by Stefano Bonaccini continues its work to deal with critical issues, and at the same time the League intends to monitor the issue closely by limiting the political activity of the center-left in plain sight. “I thank the parliamentarians for the attention they have given to the region. We are going through a very delicate health situation and certainly the causes of these problems must be well investigatedCommented Mateo Rankan, Group Leader in the Regional Council and Commissioner of Lega Emilia.

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