Ring Elden Has Been Delayed? The release could take place after March 2022 –

L ‘Director From Eden Ring It might still be far away, and it might happen later March 2022: Although leaks and rumors suggest the product is now ready for an official release, Kadokawa’s financial reports tell a different story.

The game was beyond that Delayed, and then? Kadokawa appears to have suggested an exit during the current fiscal year, but the document the company has already released makes it seem like the title does not exist.

How are things really? analyst Daniel Ahmed | Comment on the news to shed some light on the state of things and highlight two possible scenarios that exist in opposites.

“The Kadokawa Report is surprisingly transparent,” wrote Ahmed. “They are expecting Decreased revenue For the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022, postponement of some cases are cited as a possible reason.

“This indicates that the Elden Ring may hit the stores after March 2022 or that the game is simply.” It has not been considered As part of their expectations given the release date, which remains uncertain. “

In short, both hypotheses can be consistent with the truth. What is certain is that, given the Elden Ring announcement at E3 2019 and recent leaks related to the game, a non-2021 release period seems highly unlikely.

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