Review: Hopper and the Lost Temple

Ben Stassen and Benjamin Mousquet presents a lively and entertaining family adventure film on the universal theme of self-acceptance, an ode to the intersection of different cultures and friendship

Review: Hopper and the Lost Temple

Hopper worships his father, Arthur, a famous hare adventurer, and ruler of the kingdom of Plumbarb (lit. Barbabyoma). Except that Arthur is Hopper’s adoptive father, and Hopper’s obsession with adventure certainly has to do with a desire to establish himself as the worthy son of his father, even if he doesn’t carry any of his genes. Especially since Hopper is definitely a bit of a rabbit, but he also looks like a hen. So he will have to overcome many obstacles to understand that his difference is a force he can count on.

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Director, Producer, and Founder of the Belgian Studios nWave Ben Stassenhere is related to Benjamin Musquetappear with Hopper and the Lost Temple [+leggi anche:
intervista: Ben Stassen e Benjamin Mou…
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(which Belga will distribute in theaters in Belgium tomorrow), as her experience in the field of animated films has been enhanced. A pioneer in the field of 3D, he was able to develop his work, which can sometimes suffer from a certain tendency towards technological ostentation, towards a cinema that puts the desire to provide high-quality family entertainment, outside of adults, at the heart of his interests – Hollywood studios. With this film, the last for director and producer, who has just sold out the studio, 3D takes a back seat, in favor of the complicity of the three young protagonists, and the richness and subtlety of the sets.

Two scenes of Great Courage are particularly memorable as Hopper encounters a wall of obstacles that are rough and quirky, fully animated and detailed, a true technical feat. As above, numerous crowd scenes remain in mind, notably the army of marshmallow pigs (a type of pig cube that stacks to impede the progression of heroes, as in a big game of Tetris), but also the big bad hamster, already made up of countless fluorescent little hamsters . The animation, with great fluidity, gives a real character to these characters, however faceless and all the same.

The story (the protagonist makes his squad a force to save his community) is anything but original, the characters (insecure boy, rebellious warrior, cowardly but irresistibly funny best friend) skillfully fill the roles. Dedicated to them, but without really amazing gifts are more or less effective (those a Indiana Jones And the Knights movies are somewhat abused, but we find them too zootopia And sing Very fashionable, even amazing woman For the track of a fighter who remembers the Amazon track), however everything is presented at a fast pace and with such interest in combos and action scenes that it is impossible not to indulge in adventure with all boots.

Hopper and the Lost Temple Produced by nWave Pictures (Belgium) and Octopolis (France). The film is produced by Sony Pictures International Productions in the United States. International sales are handled by Octopolis. Sony Pictures Entertainment France will distribute the film in France.

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