Revenue Agency, Site Down: What’s Happening and What Deadlines You May Be Missed

Through a joint press release, the National Association of Accountants, the Italian Trade Union of Accountants, UNAGRACO and UNICO reported Malfunctions In the gate Bills and fees From the siteRevenue Agency. Since yesterday, the section will be subject to a constant ban, possibly due to updates, making it difficult to upload documents. In particular, the authorities indicate, fulfillment storage Dependent Invoices electronic For the 2019 tax year, the deadline is set for March 10, but many associations have long requested an extension also due to inefficiency.

Deficiencies of the Revenue Agency Website: Demand

The procedure, accountants denounce, also involves manual uploading of individual invoices, with border Daily To the sending and the number of documents that are in any case in the possession of the Revenue Agency. For this reason, it is urgently required to extend the deadline for storing electronic invoices, as has already happened to Consultation From the same. The current deadline, set for March 10, is forcing freelancers and businesses to “race against time” to honor that date.

Trade association requests to delay this fulfillment “remained unheard”, but more importantly, according to Anc, Sic, Ungraco and Unico, the lack of checks to ensure the correct performance of the pallet of documents.

With so many crashes, shortcuts still complaining, taxpayers are not in a position to fulfill their tax obligations. On the day of the deadline, the press release again invites the Revenue Agency and the government to intervene with anyone Extension Urgent With an intervention aimed at overcoming many bureaucratic steps and reforming the tax site.

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How does electronic invoice storage work

The storage Replacement According to the law, it is mandatory on January 1, 2019. Similar to paper bills, which must be kept for a period of at least 10 years, electronic invoices must also be kept. However, saving them to a file is not sufficient Difficult DiskBut they are Very strict rules That involves the use of techniques that prevent the changes.

This is whyRevenue Agency It offers a free service that allows you to keep Electronic invoices On the records for 15 years.

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