Revenue Agency, Incoming Letters Rain: What’s Happening

Rain of letters from the revenue agency, but for what reason? Let’s get into the details and see all there is to know about it.

Who are the new recipients of messages?revenue agency? This was announced by the same body through a specific ruling.

Incoming revenue agency letters
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Starting with Covid, passing through the alarming general increase in the prices, even the repercussions of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, there are many negative events that characterized the past period. Difficult context, as more and more people are facing serious problems with affordability of various expenses.

Despite everything, the administrative machine did not stop. In fact, therevenue agency She announced that she was willing to make a series of checks by sending one letters rain. But who are the recipients of these new contacts? So let’s get into the details and see all there is to know about it.

Revenue Agency, Incoming Mail Rain: Everything you need to know

We’ve already seen that Tax authorities check how much cash is in the house. Well, again in this context, it will be interesting to know that the tax authorities are ready to conduct a whole series of checks by sending a batch of letters.

Going into details it would be interesting to find out through a Posted by Revenue Agency on March 25, 2022The entity declared that the recipients of these communications will be VAT number holders.for him some dDifferences between the declared turnover and the amount of reported transactions By taxpayers and their clients to the Revenue Agency“.

In particular, in the end under the magnifying glass is 2019 tax returns related to the tax period 2018. Again on the basis of what arises from the above provision, these are partial or total omissions that have arisen from invoices sent or from communications received by tax authorities from taxable persons. For this reason, the Revenue Agency will send letters of compliance, through which it will report any anomalies.

Thus the concerned taxpayer will be able to automatically settle their situation, through active repentance. On the other hand, if he believes that there are no errors in his declaration, he will have to send a specific letter to the IRS with a lot of documents.

We remind you that such notices can be sent from the Revenue Agency via Pick or regular mail. In any case, they can be consulted in the taxpayer’s tax drawer thanks to the item “Invoices and fees“. So it is better to pay attention to this type of communication to avoid unpleasant inconveniences.

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