Reveal the ingenious trick of using WhatsApp without anyone noticing

In recent years we have started using WhatsApp and Facebook which has improved our lives.

We love to upload photos on Instagram and use messaging apps a lot.

Definitely a very social life that allows us to always keep in touch with people.

Almost all of us use WhatsApp and Telegram to write to our friends or colleagues. But at least once we will want to have an anonymous number so we don’t have to communicate our private number to everyone.

We don’t want too many people to have our number and we want to have a minimum level of privacy.

But how do we do that? WhatsApp always requires a number to use the app.

There is a trick to ensuring our privacy and we are about to find out.

Reveal the ingenious trick of using WhatsApp without anyone noticing

Many times when we are added to a WhatsApp group, we regret leaving our number.

Whether it’s your mates or the gym group, we’re sure your cell phone will ring all day long.

If we don’t respond at all, we’ll wind up in anticipation, but if we show ourselves too adventurous, it’ll bother us all the time.

How can we avoid that? How do we write to whom we want without others noticing?

Few people know which use The WhatsApp Without revealing our identity, we only need a temporary number.

We will be able to get it thanks to specialized sites that will allow us to carry out application authentication procedures.

Thus, we will have a number that will allow us to use the application but it will be different from our employees. Here is the ingenious trick to using WhatsApp without anyone noticing.

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This way we will be able to write to whomever we want without having to leave our personal number.

Some other suggestions

When we have to mention our mobile number, please provide the number we use for business hours.

To keep our privacy and not disturb us too much, we can have a personal number which we will only give to a select few people.

This way we will be able to forget about the number we are bothered by for at least 12 hours and fully enjoy our personal life.

Let’s always remember to be polite to the people around us anyway. This way they will understand for themselves when it is appropriate not to bother us too much.

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