Returns to fans in Iowa and tests 2024 logos –

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In Iowa, the first rally after the 2020 defeat. Potential Republican contenders are chasing Donald in the polls. Which, however, did not formalize his comeback

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Washington – Donald Trump Already the logo is ready for 2024 Presidential Election: Make America great again. He explained the matter Saturday night to thousands of supporters, all without masks, crowding the fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa. In 2020, we had a “Keep America Great” campaign, but Biden is destroying the country, so we have to make it great over and over again.

veil of mystery

Trump spoke for about two hours, at a massive rally expected to be the start of the retaliatory campaign. In fact, the former president still maintains a shroud of mystery about his candidacy, as if there are things pending. theoretically It may be the most subtle congressional investigation employmentThe attack on Capitol Hill on January 6. The initial report of the Nancy Pelosi-appointed committee highlights Trump’s disruptive role, and his pressure on the Justice Department and the Pentagon, as well as Representative Mike Pence to prevent the ratification of the popular vote. But Donald is clearly convinced he can come out unscathed from this story as well, having survived two political sentences and a disastrous pandemic management.

What do polls say?

His advisers look at the ballot boxes and smile. The latest, published on October 6, was conducted by the Pew Research Center: 67% of Republican voters He wants the leader to retain a leadership role in American politics. 44% would like him to return to run for the White House. These percentages increase as we move away from the January 6 shock. They also take note of it Trump’s potential opponents in the primaries. In recent weeks, Pence, Senators Ted Cruz (Texas), Marco Rubio (Florida), former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem of Iowa have passed for a field test. It was a warm welcome, local newspapers wrote, but nothing compared to the enthusiastic crowd we saw that night.

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Senator’s trial

For months, much of the Republican establishment has been planting the illusion that Trump will have to back off or that the upcoming primaries will be an open race. Today, in Washington, no one is betting on his candidacy. Test? The senator from Iowa was also at Trump’s podium on Saturday Chuck Grassley, 88 years old, the eighth reassertion hunt in the 2022 election. On January 7, in the aftermath of the riots, Grassley crushed Trump’s position: his leadership failed; I think he had some responsibility for what happened. But last night, note: In Iowa, 91% of conservatives support Donald. I would be unintelligent if I didn’t take this into account. The Republican Party is pressing again. All with Trump.

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