Return on PS5 with 4K resolution, 60fps and active ray tracing, according to a report –

Return, The new game for PS5 Later this month, it may transfer to the Sony a 4K, 60fps and ray tracing Active, according to a report, was taken up by IGN but not as official information.

The rumors are coming from Twitter user Heisenreborn, who limited himself to taking screenshots during the official PlayStation MODO presentation for PS Portugal, With a translation explaining the features involved. During the rendering, the game was reported to run at 4K and 60fps resolution, along with active ray tracing.

These would be great tech features even for a game that’s not overly complicated in terms of Graphics, But Returnal also has several on-screen elements and certain activity stages and dynamics, so it’d be impressive to use the different features together.

There are likely to be clarifications, such as an understanding of whether 4K is being taken into account Original or with chekerboarding technique Active, which is quite likely given that this distinction is now rarely recognized through promotional materials for next-gen games, as well as an assessment of ray tracing range.

Anyway, the Returnal feature still looks nice and we’re waiting at this point for the release kit for the April 30, 2021 In order to analyze it better. The game is a third-person shooter with roguelike elements and more flip-flops that alternate with full-action situations. We recently watched a video with 11 Things to Know and a Video Note from Housemarque on Scenario Dangers.

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