Return of direct flights from the US ‘Crucial Americans for Tourism’

Delta Airlines in facilitation, with two hundred passengers on board. Savings: 15,000 transits per day, a third of the pre-pandemic quota

American tourism is back in Venice after nearly two years, also thanks to the restoration of Delta Air Lines direct from New York to Venice. Mayor Luigi Brugnaro triumphantly tweeted an “important signal to relaunch transcontinental tourism and the country’s economy.”

At 10.58 a.m. yesterday, with a slight delay, the flight from New York’s JFK landed in Marco Polo with 214 passengers on board: between Americans struggling to take their first vacation in post-pandemic Europe, and Italians studying or working in the United States who have been waiting for months until You can go home.

Connectivity to the Big Apple will be guaranteed three times a week, while from August 5 connection with Atlanta in Georgia will resume, with flights operating five times a week. A precious signal for effective recovery, because transcontinental flights are the last to be activated in the panorama, including tourism.

“We have come from a very difficult period between restrictions and closures that have left their mark,” says Federico Kanner, a member of the Regional Tourism Council. “In recent months we have seen the resumption of activities in our mountains, Lake Garda and along the coastline with beaches very well. Thermal baths are still suffering, and we lack the art cities that still suffer a lot from the effects of Covid, especially Venice, places where transcontinental tourism has played a key role. Today’s tourist is more careful in estimating the destination of his vacation.”

Simon Venturini, who tracks tourism for the municipality of Venice, adds: “Tissira Airport has been a strategic element of the city for years, the first gateway for those who spend the night at the lake and beyond. A summer full of events awaits us, from fashion to cinema, from the Redentore to the Historical Regatta and the celebrations of the 1600th anniversary. With optimism we are ready to start again.”

Seif’s website indicated how 800,000 travelers in 2019 arrived at the Marco Polo Hotel from Atlanta and New York. “In recent days, the daily flow of the Facility has reached 15,000 times, compared to 45,000 before the pandemic, and it has risen in Treviso to 5,000,” notes Camilo Pozzolo, director of aviation development for the group that operates the airport. “But everyone’s wish is to restart and return soon to the systems of the past.”

“We welcomed the first 214 passengers who, thanks to current government agreements, do not need to be quarantined in Italy,” explains Claudio Fiori, Delta Account Manager in Italy. The flight was almost full (225 seats Ed), but it will only depart with 50 passengers for the United States. It will take some time to recover past flows. American tourists arriving in Venice transport the entire system, invest money, and thus help stimulate the recovery of the entire sector in this region.” Despite the accumulated hour of delays due to the problems faced by New York, to accompany the passengers to disembark in Italy, there were smiles and a great desire for normalcy. –

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