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how will you turn elden ring su PS5, PS4, PC and Xbox Series X | S e Xbox One in the final station PrecisionAnd fps And any support for ray tracing? Bandai Namco revealed it with the game’s official technical specifications.

We’re already aware of 4K and 60fps mode on the PS5 for Elden Ring, with the traditional two options for higher visual quality or more fluidity. PlayStation 5, but the information from the publisher is complete and covers all platforms.

let’s start from ComputerWhere, depending on the hardware configuration, the Elden Ring (here’s our preview) can run at 4K, 60fps with HDR and ray tracing. There is no graphics mode, of course, but the traditional settings to scale the game according to the components.

that it PS5 NS Xbox Xbox X Instead, From Software’s new title will be able to play at up to 4K and 60fps with HDR and ray tracing, with two traditional ways to differentiate resolution or frame rate: in the first case, we’ll likely touch an actual 2160p at 30fps. Second, in the second case we will go to 60 frames by reducing the definition.

We will also find two graphics modes in play Xbox SApparently: Microsoft’s cheap next-gen console will play Elden Ring at 1440p and 60fps with HDR but no ray tracing, but here too you’ll have to choose between quality and performance by changing the resolution and frame rate values.

finally PS4 The game will run in 1080p, 30fps with HDR and above PS4 Pro a 1800p e 30 fps con HDR, su Xbox One At 900p, 30fps and above Xbox One X 4K and 30fps with HDR. For all systems of the previous generation, the values ​​u200bu200bare fixed, but the use of dynamic solutions is not excluded.

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It is important to note that in all cases ray tracing It is listed “via a patch”, which means it will likely not be available when Elden Ring launches, but will be added later via an update.

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