Resident Evil Village, Third Person Horror

The Winters expansion introduces the possibility to play the Resident Evil Village campaign in third person: what do you add and what do you take away from a Capcom title?

releaseWinter expansion From Resident Evil Village It brought with it many new features: from the Shadows of Rose expansion to the additional contents for the Mercenaries mode, to finally reach the Third-person perspective. You got it right: it’s possible that the entire campaign for the last chapter of Capcom’s series could be played in third-person instead of the first.

This is an intriguing feature, after all we’re talking about a franchise that has always used this kind of setting and that only in conjunction with the Ethan Winters saga has opted for a real revolution, changing perspective on all fronts: a new hero far from accustomed to similar situations, often mechanics Survival horror is passive rather than active, and it is specifically a first-person view that is useful for increasing engagement.

From the first to the third

Resident Evil Village, Ethan sees Dimitrescu Castle for the first time

To activate the third person view in Resident Evil Village, simply select the option from the settings: at this point the game will remain true to that choice even if you want to load a previous save. Let’s say it right away in terms of implementation Obviously this is an addition It is not an imagined property from the start, and some details explain this, such as interacting with the environment and returning to the first person in interval sequences.

The fact that Capcom has no intention of displaying the file Ethan’s face Even with the new camera it almost becomes a joke, and those who have completed the Shadows of Rose expansion (here is the review) will understand what we mean. In fact, the system adopts a series of means to ensure that the hero’s face is always and in any case covered, but at this point in the project the question is whether there is really a need.

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There are three I mainly big changes In the syllable from the first person to the first person. First of all, the show shows many things about the character and this allows you to approach the action in a different way, thanks to the increased awareness of what is nearby and above all avoiding that certain enemies surprise us.

Distance inevitably translates to less post And with less tension during the exploratory phases: The jump scare effect weakens and it’s not at all coincidental, because the developers have imagined the experience in first person and tweaked the events to have a certain effect with this kind of vision.

Resident Evil Village, Ethan is trying to escape from the enemy's attack
Resident Evil Village, Ethan is trying to escape from the enemy’s attack

Finally managing movements and the goal was Recalibrated To better suit the new scenario, and in the end it looks a lot like the setup used to remake Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, although it couldn’t boast the same level of refinement. All things considered, we don’t recommend approaching the game’s first campaign from a third-person perspective, as it is less intense and exciting than the authors’ original intentions. On the other hand, if you have the urge to recreate Ethan’s latest adventure in a different way, go easy on it.

Resident Evil Village, eighteen months later

Resident Evil Village, third-person combat sequence
Resident Evil Village, third-person combat sequence

Introducing a third-person view allowed us to relive the Resident Evil Village experience and check its grip eighteen months later. Obviously, the second round is always approached in a more separate way: we remember what to do and where to go, as well as when enemies arrive to terrorize us, but Implant stiffness remains intact.

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Certainly more dynamic than the classic classes, the Play of Village basically turns into a shooter during some stages, although there are differences in the theme. From this point of view, the Gothic settings, in particular the Castle of Dimitrisco and Casa Benevento, contribute in an important way to the presentation of non-trivial and some original ideas.

Resident Evil Village, scenes remain in first person perspective
Resident Evil Village, scenes remain in first person perspective

The detachment we mentioned earlier helps to approach different situations in a strategic way, to better control the movements of the hero and manage his arsenal without attaching much importance to consumables, also because in general it is difficult to really survive without them on the level. of normal difficulty.

The puzzles are confirmed to be fun and never dark, it is difficult to get stuck somewhere and this undoubtedly contributes to maintaining a certain degree of fun, avoiding excessive backtracking. The third person view also makes it easier to use the knife, which adds more clarity to close encounters and allows us to take better measures to avoid taking damage.

Is the future in the third person?

Resident Evil Village, Mrs. Dimitrescu and her Daughters
Resident Evil Village, Mrs. Dimitrescu and her Daughters

With a Resident Evil 4 remake on the horizon, one rightly wonders what approach Capcom wants to take in the next episodes of the series. We can reasonably imagine that the third-person view presented in Village is in no way a taste of what we’ll find in the Chapter 4 remake of our revision letter previously.

Having said that, we never feel like dismissing a file first person maintenance For Resident Evil 9 and beyond: It is a solution that has proven to be very effective, capable of increasing engagement and allowing to experiment with solutions that encroach on the territory of passive survival horror, in favor of tension.

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Who knows, maybe Capcom developers will choose a compromise, a dynamic system that can adapt according to context and bring out the best from different situations. Moreover, the important thing is to make sure that the original career of the franchise remains intact: thanks to it, Resident Evil can count on a wide and passionate fan base.

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