Resident Evil Outrage announced at Capcom E3 Showcase? The first details are leaking

few hours from Capcom E3 2021 I got out of a long rumor net about rumors Resident Evil: Rage, a headline that emerged from the massive leak of Osaka House which is scheduled to be announced tonight.

According to an insider Dusk Golem, the game will begin development As the third installment in the Book of Revelation series, then deviates from the initial programs by the will of the developers, e Starring Rebecca Chambers, which players have already met as a young star member of Resident Evil Zero. The rumors that have been circulating so far also talk about Resident Evil Outrage exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

The title returned to the top spot a few hours ago when the Biohazardcast website released Long list of (alleged) detailsHe was also confident of a one-hour theater test that would be taken last year. The test session, titled The Investigation, would accompany participants to a university’s gardens and libraries as Rebecca was involved in the investigation of a new virus that was already infecting students and professors. Zombies, equipped with weapons found in a university complex such as scissors and the like, He will share traits with Majini of Resident Evil 5. Rumors are also talking about Resident Evil Outrage as a game in third person, powered by the RE engine and scheduled to be presented tonight at the Capcom E3 2021 Showcase, whose debut is set for 11:30 p.m. Set files Everyeye Twitch Channel To see if they are correct!

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