Reservations are open for all old and new Steam accounts –

valve It announced via Twitter that after an initial phase dedicated to its old users, it has now opened reservations for steam surface For all Steam accounts, even those the new.

So far, in fact, only those who have had a Steam account for several years can pre-order the Valve console. It was an idea designed to discourage traders or exploiters: only those who are proven to be Valve customers can secure a PC/Console at launch.

Now that it’s a file HISTORIC CUSTOMERS They flooded the reservations, we’re talking over 100,000 reservations in the first two and a half hours, “it would be enough” to have a verified Steam account to reserve a console.

a this is the address You will find all the details.

For those unfamiliar with it, Steam Deck is the new Valve-branded laptop that attempts to combine the portability of a Nintendo Switch with the power and versatility of a PC. We tried to imagine a Steam Deck vs Nintendo Switch comparison on our own, to emphasize the differences, but also the similarities between the hardware.

Now that reservations are easier, more people can wait in line to get to the console End of year. For now, the regional and Steam Deck limits for each account still hold, but it may be that once Valve has an idea of ​​which volumes to manage, those terms change as well.

Did you book it?

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