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The “Villa di Betanxo” sank at 6 am Italian time. There were 24 people on board: 3 rescued, 7 dead, 14 missing. An hour ago I lost contact with the ship

At least seven people have died and 14 others are missing when a 50-meter Spanish fishing boat sank off the Canadian island of Newfoundland. On board were a total of 24 people, which is more than initially announced. News agencies announce that AfpAnd Eve And Europa Press Citing the authorities of the Iberian state. Three other people were rescued. Operations continue in search of survivors off the island of Newfoundland on the east coast of Canada. It was reported that the fishing boat Villa de Betanxo, registered in Marin (Pontevedra) and owned by Galician ship owner Manuel Norris, sank around 6 am Italian time.


Reconstruction of “Villa de Betanxo” El Pais, he would have set off two alerts precisely at 5.24 am (Italian time), but the authorities on the ground would not have been able to contact the boat. Shortly before 6 a.m., the satellites stopped receiving signals. In all likelihood the “blue box” may be out of order: it is a device for locating and identifying a fishing vessel. At that moment in the sinking area the weather was bad. After all, this is a region – 460 kilometers from the region of Newfoundland – where, according to experts, a lot of atmospheric instability is concentrated, which then reaches Europe by crossing the Atlantic.


Three of the four life rafts were identified hours later, but two were “completely empty” and the third carried only three survivors. Canadian authorities are now searching for the fourth raft but its location has not been determined at this time. The three crew members who have been rescued so far are suffering from hypothermia. Of the 24 crew members, at least 12 are Spanish, eight are Peruvian, and two are from Ghana. A number of fishing boats that have been fishing in the area are also involved in the rescue, including one from Portugal and another from Marín, the base port of Villa de Pitanxo.

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However, Canadian rescue teams searching for survivors of the shipwreck said they are optimistic despite bad weather hampering operations. “Finding three survivors on a lifeboat gives us hope that others will be able to put on their jackets, board the lifeboats, and leave the ship before it sinks,” he said.Afp Brian Owens, Head of Joint Canadian Rescue Coordination.


The vessel was in the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization area, where it fished for halibut, ray, redfish, northern shrimp and cod. “Bad news is coming from the other side of the Atlantic, with reports of deaths and missing persons,” Deputy Prime Minister Yolanda Diaz wrote on Twitter. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is following “with concern and concern” the “search operations” of the crew of the Spanish fishing boat. Sanchez added that “the government is in constant contact with the rescue services.”

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