Rescue of Chinese miners trapped by rebels –

What does Wagner do? After shaking the power of Vladimir Putin?

Prigozhin’s militiamen carried out a “humanitarian” act in the Central African Republic, rescuing a group of Chinese miners threatened by local militants. The action was documented with photos posted by the Russian Mercenary Brigade on Telegram.

Fire and gold

The story is complicated. It is intertwined with the Chinese economic presence in Africa, with companies that exploit mineral resources and often come into conflict with Africans. It may also be part of Wagner’s maneuver to restore credibility In Moscow, service to Beijing. In March, a mine just opened by China’s Gold Coast group in Bambari, Central African Republic, was attacked. Nine Chinese were killed. There have been other cases of Chinese owned mines being attacked in Africa, either because they came under constant guerrilla fire or because the local population took revenge for the extremely harsh exploitation and regulations imposed on the local workers.

Under pressure at bay

The reconstruction of the March Bambari massacre has been controversial. The Central African Republic authorities accused the rebels of the Alliance of Patriots for Change. A spokesman for the anti-government faction denied the action. He attributes it instead to the Russians in Wagner, which operates in the country and in other regions of Africa. In those days, Xi Jinping was visiting Moscow: an embarrassment to the Kremlin. Some Western analysts have noted that Beijing does not believe the accusation of anti-government African rebels, but nevertheless it has taken somewhat poorly the fact that Russian friends who are in force did not raise a leg To protect the Chinese mine under attack. Now Wagner’s “Beau,” documented by a beautiful group photo of Chinese miners rescued by Prigozhin’s mercenaries, will foot the bill. Make Putin look good In front of the angry Xi.

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According to reports from the Central African Republic, A gold mine run by China He was going to threaten a new attack at the beginning of July and this time Wagner was going to act to stop him. russian mercenaries, Ask for help from the Chinese embassy In the capital, Bangui, they would go to the jungle where the Chinese were hiding, free them from the siege, and carry them to safety. There is no confirmation from Beijing’s diplomacy. But Chinese military sources confirmed the rule South China Morning Post The Chinese government and state-owned enterprises It works in hot areas They often turn to the SS on the spot to protect their interests.”

African theatre

These operations are usually kept secret. in this occasion It is alleged that Wagner promoted support work to the Chinese to do a favor for Putin who could sell it to Xi. And also to inform the Kremlin of its intention to completely recycle itself on the African stage, abandoning (for the time being) the desire to maneuver for power in Russia.

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