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Another news on WhatsApp for the security of all your data. Now you can submit this application directly to the application.

WhatsApp data
All news to protect your privacy (via screenshot)

Continue to clarify trTurn on your sensitive WhatsApp dataThe most popular messaging app in the world. In fact, we have seen how in the past month the instant messaging giant has committed to it For clarification On a high discussion New Terms of Service. Now there is great news, with an application that you can submit directly to the application. In fact, with just a few steps, you will be able to understand your data that is using WhatsApp.

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In this regard, the General Data Protection Regulation, Which General Data Protection Regulation In strength since then Now nearly three years in Europe. In fact, it is the duty of every platform to provide a copy of the user’s information. Thus, the user can get all his data through an in-app request. So let’s move on to how to discover all the data related to Your account.

WhatsApp, more clarity on the data used: how to apply

WhatsApp data
How to request your data (via screenshot)

To submit the required WhatsApp request, you will need to open the application, go to the item “Settings” and then click “Account”. Once the accounts are opened, you must selectRequest account informationAt this point, we will have a joke that says:Create an information report And your WhatsApp account settings that you can access or that you can send in another applicationIt has also been specified that the information will not be forwarded via chat.

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Once you reach this point, all you have to do is click on “Request Report”. Once you have submitted this request, you will have to wait three days before receiving the full report. Once the order is completed, it will be WhatsApp itself to send you a notification which states that: “Relationship with your account information It is available nowAdditionally, the app will give you several weeks to complete downloading the document.

All data that WhatsApp uses related to your account will be available in this document. The app will also send you the document with the Zip format. Inside it will be present html to open it and consult it Normal e Json Browser To move to other services. Once you review the document, by clicking “Delete Report”, you can delete it permanently Data that WhatsApp sends.

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