Report has reported that VRR support is coming soon, with an update –

According to a new report, Sony’s flagship console – PS5 – will support VRR (Variable Refresh Rate). Specifically, everything will happen with the new firmware update for the PlayStation 5.

source of this Transfer is the HDTVTest YouTube channel. Vincent Teoh mentioned that new Sony TVs arriving this spring, such as the A90K, will support VRR at launch and that this will coincide with the arrival of VRR support for the PS5.


Sony itself has already confirmed that VRR will arrive on the PS5, via a future update. However, we had no information of any kind about when. Now, the report says, not much should be lost. Remember that VRR only works over HDMI 2.1 and compatible TVs. Moreover, we emphasize that we are not talking about official information: what is reported may be wrong or inaccurate.

the Variable refresh rate is a technology already available in the console world with the Xbox One X and Xbox Series X | S. VRR eliminates screen tearing and reduces stuttering and input lag, compared to VSync, and is currently one of the advantages of Xbox Series X over PlayStation 5. We’ll have to wait to see if an update is already on the way.

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