Reopening the tax office: a torrent of letters. who risks

August of the forehead shooting taxes. The suspension of payments adopted in response to the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is close. Thus, huge amounts of tax payments will reach taxpayers’ pockets at the end of the month, and most of them will be concentrated on August 20.

There are 163 scheduled tax commitments from Friday the 20th through the end of August. This is despite some previously expected mid-September deadlines being pushed back Sostegni edict bis, now turned into law.

We should not forget that, like Sunday 24 hours, rewrite the calendar financial peace It set two August deadlines for refunding the premiums in 2020. The first was August 2nd: on this date, the amounts that were originally due in February and March of last year and which were subject to several delays to internal procedures on the Covid emergency. On the 31st of the same month, a third installment for scrapping, which was to be paid by the end of May of this year, must be recovered. We should not forget that in this case also the rule of five days of forgiveness applies: this means that there will be time until the first days of September for repayment. Be careful though. Because any failure to pay within the terms will entail forfeiture of the facilitated definition.

If you didn’t laugh in August, next month couldn’t be better. The assembly machine will be operational from September 1st. From this day, in fact,revenue collection agency Must return to notify more than 60 million files and other actions stopped as of March 8, 2020, the date by which the Covid emergency was stopped. Bad news for those already notified of bills prior to the suspension or extension plans in place: For them, the obligation to comply is set by September 30th.

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No other extensions are currently envisaged. But the possibility of temporary solutions to help taxpayers cannot be ruled out. But the decision is up to the government and parliament.

Payments by August 20

As also indicated in the revenue agency’s online timeline, there are various taxes that must be paid by August 20. Among these, highlights Corriere della Seraincluding personal income tax (6), stamp duty (1), surcharge (14), flat rate tax (3), withholding (32), value-added tax (20), IRIS (4), and IRAP (4) ), the registration tax (1) and alternative taxes (12). Then there are another 30 types of taxes including, but not limited to, the periodic payment of production charges, and the monthly contact for transactions with abroad (commonly known by the term sterometer) and stamp duties on bank drafts.

But the tax crash does not stop. Because other payments are also expected. These include, for example, the contributions of employees, casual workers, salespeople, semi-subordinate workers, and those of physicians to specialized training. The additional municipal, provincial and territorial income tax for employees and withholding payments on income similar to an employee’s work, on dependent work, self-employment and other income, and payments to start-up employees will also affect the portfolio. commercial. Activities, operating grants, insurance premiums, and those related to life policies and commissions.

Taxes must be paid by August 31

There are five categories of taxes due on August 31: personal income tax (4), surcharges (4), cedolare sicca tax (2), alternative taxes (2) and others (8). Moreover, the insurance tax, electronic reporting of allocations to the Construction Fund and Esterometro monthly communications are due from the calendar. In addition, the mandatory entries for one work bookDown payment and credit for flat rate tax on rentals and default stamp duty. The payments also relate to the UniEmens/PosAgri transmission and the transmission of UniEmens streams.

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Accountants’ call

A flood of taxes will hit citizens and put accountants in trouble. The latter has appealed to the government to postpone the payments. “From August 20 to 31, we will face 163 tax obligations. This shows how, in the upcoming tax reform, tax calendar reform is essential for everyone, taxpayers, professionals and the revenue agency. Balanced planning is essential. To make tax authorities fair and easy to understand for the benefit of all parties involved, first of all for the state treasury. Otherwise, there will be a risk of paralysis, “ I have announced Mathieu de Lys, President of the National Federation of Young Certified Public Accountants and Accounting Experts.

For De Lise without a new definition of the terms of appeals could allow for a fair evaluation of the file”In September we will face more than sixty million tax bills sent by the Internal Revenue Group.” Given all this, accountants are renewing the demand to the government for the field “An operational task force, also comprising professionals, to plan the processing of new tax invoices, with a view to ensuring collection by the Financial Department and the necessary deferment of payments to taxpayers.” Otherwise, de Lis pointed out again, “It’s going to be really hard to deal with this huge amount of tax notices that are going to be delivered in the coming weeks.”

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