Renault Espace: the one that was the queen of the minivan

The most common species – Most motorists looking for a large and comfortable car suitable for long trips today choose SUVs without stops. Until recently, however, as an alternative to the classic station wagon, those who needed a lot of space for people and luggage gladly chose a car minivan. A class of cars that was “killed” precisely by the unstoppable progress of sports facilities, and now almost completely extinct. At its inauguration, it was the launch of a model based on an innovative shape of a multi-space vehicle already explored in Italy in the last decade by architect Mario Bellini with the Kar-a-sutra concept and by Giorgetto Giugiaro with Lancia Megagamma, it was Renault Espace.

It was a real revolution He first appeared in 1984the Renault Espace It changed the way we understand it forever Family car concept. With its comfortable, large, adjustable and removable single seats, this ingenious French multi-square allowed the large space available in the passenger compartment to be exploited in many different ways. Which, thanks to a completely flat floor, can be turned into a kind of “living room on wheels” if necessary. But times have changed, too, for the queen of people carriers: Espace Bay next generationwhich Renault will unveil next spring, of the five models that last year retained only the name, “leading” to the concession of the SUV fashion (here to know more). All the more reason to review, even through photographs, the stages of his long and successful career, generation after generation.

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