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Batura: I lost sanctuary It is the new project of Italians Storm GamesRemothered, known only for Advertise For PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. It is a non-linear RPG game with a sci-fi setting, which blends hack-and-slash mechanics with two-stick shooter mechanics.

The page has already been opened steam From the game, through which we can extract many interesting information about the story that will be the background of the event:

Avril was a normal 16-year-old girl, at least until a catastrophe devastated Earth and destroyed everything that she loved. Now the fate of her home planet weighs on her shoulders, and only by taking advantage of the new physical and mental powers that have been granted to her will she be able to save her.
The choices made during her interplanetary journey will change the fate of the universe, and it will be up to Avril to decide whom to trust, and she soon discovers that the line between good and evil is much thinner than it appears.

We also read a file Main characteristics De Batura: the lost haven

  • Physical / Mental Duality → Find the perfect balance between the physical and mental life bar to take on the challenges and puzzles you’ll encounter along the way, and be careful: even if one runs out, you’ll be defeated!
  • Defender or warrior? → Choose whether to use intelligence or brute force in your interactions with the different factions on each planet – determine how your story will be shaped when you reach your goals, but be careful, the consequences may be more devastating than you think.
  • Fast-paced multilevel combat system → Learn to match physical and mental modes: Mastering the mechanics of duality is the only way to keep up with your opponents!
  • VISUAL RETRO SCI-FI → Feast your eyes on graphics inspired by the art of science fiction of the 1950s – you will visit planets with amazing settings and have the opportunity to interact with the most wonderful creatures in the universe!
  • Responsive nonlinear narration → Your choices will change the fate of the universe and the creatures that inhabit it. Would you be able to bear the weight of your conscience? Find out all the possible endings of the story created by the Writers Guild Award winner!
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Let’s see some pictures of Batura:

14- Batura Lost Heaven

Batura Lost Heaven 13

Batura Lost Heaven 12

Batura Lost Heaven 11

Batura Lost Heaven 10

Batura Lost Heaven 09

Batura Lost Heaven 08

Batura Lost Heaven 07

Batura Lost Heaven 15

Finally, let’s see the ad:

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