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A hidden clue in the game files ofA crossover event in another paradise: the cat beyond time and space With chrono cross It seems to confirm the arrival of one remastered From the great classic Square Enix.

A rehash or possible rework of Chrono Cross, a great JRPG classic that hit PSX back in 1999, has been the focus of many rumors in recent days, only heightened by a possible crossover with another Eden.

Well, another Eden happened: Cat Beyond Time and Space X Chrono Cross was officially announced a few hours ago by Square Enix and WFS with a trailer, with a launch date set for the upcoming December 9th.

For the occasion, Chrono Cross’s Serge, Kid and Harle will arrive in “Another Eden” and there will be a special story written by Masato Kato, who is involved in developing both games. The collaboration is also overseen by Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobutero Yuki, who are both key members of the Chrono Cross team.

Even before the official announcement, as reported on the ResetERA forums, some data moderators checked another Game of Eden’s game files and found a message that should be activated by the start of the event, or December 9, which seems to be sure Chrono Cross Remaster Arrival: “In honor of the release of the Chrono Cross remaster, a special episode of Complex Dream is about to debut.”

At this point, it is reasonable to expect the official announcement of the Chrono Cross remaster by Square Enix in the next few days, if not directly on December 9, the day when, among other things, Game Awards 2021. An event hosted by Jeff Kelly could be the perfect stage for such an announcement. To know for sure we just have to wait.

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