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343 Industries Finally Relays Various Official Details About season 2 to infinite auraTalking about the upcoming new season of Xbox and PC in particular Title, Maps and Styles And other details to be added in the coming months.

Hello Infinite: Season Two titled lone wolvesas reported by Joseph Staten on Halo Waypoint, indicating the main theme of the upcoming novelties: Spartan Lone Wolves are hunters, experts at survival, able to track paths and find resources even if they infiltrate deep into enemy territory, improvising their actions from time to time .

This can give you an idea of Rewards It can be obtained, given that the armor of lone wolfs has certain characteristics, as is evident in the artwork related to the Spartan Sigrid Eklunk and the Spartan Hieu Dinh shown below.

Spartan Sigrid Eklonk and Spartan Hue Dinh

There will also be room for narrative items in Season 2, with Date by Spartan leader Lorette Agre, which will be told through “a mixture of cinematic scenes, story-themed events, Battle Pass elements, and more,” according to reports.

Season 2 release date is May 3, 2022Thus, in line with what was previously expected, the first season is set to run for 6 months from launch, making way for the new season at the beginning of May.

Halo Infinite, Breaker Map
Halo Infinite, Breaker Map

However, we remind you that purchased Battle Passes will not expire and can be used even after the end of the season.

The second season will also take place in his event broke downin this case focus on another type of specific armor, the concept of which is visible in the image below.

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Fracture event shield concept
Fracture event shield concept

between Ads There are balance updates, new modes and maps, including a new Arena map called Catalyst, a Big Team Battle map called Breaker, a free-for-all elimination mode called Last Spartan Standing, another mode called Land Grab, as well as the return of the King of the Hill as a game mode, a feature Historical series. In April, with the launch of Season Two approaching, 343 Industries will release more information.

We recently saw that the February 24th update improved a few things, as well as resetting Ranked Multiplayer.

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