Relatives, eat out and travel. All the rules are on holidays

Do you want to eat at Restaurant In the traditional lunch Easter Holiday? It can be done in the sense that it is the restaurant that comes to you: the way Away, Food at home, online or over the phone, and in fact it multiplies in these hours leading up to the holidays. But a real Easter lunch in a beautiful place, it is served and revered, this is not: impossible, forbidden. The building is closed to the public. And then you will have to indulge yourself, net of fast food, home made recipes, with family culinary fantasies.

Draghi’s decree, all news: visits stopped, schools open until sixth grade, pharmacists vaccinated

And again: while it is now prohibited to visit family and friends, on the three days of April 3, 4 and 5 (Holy Saturday, Easter and Easter) it will be possible to visit relatives or friends. With some limitations though. You can do no more than one visit per day, and travel within the area for no more than two people (or even more than two, in the case of children under 14 years of age or people with disabilities in the nucleus). That is, parents of two children in their twenties cannot get to the country house by car. Parents in the car and two children over 14 years old can take the train if they have to go from Rome to home in Sabina, in Frosinone or in Sperlonga.

Self-declaration form – Download the PDF

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And in the house you’re heading to, there shouldn’t actually be other people from other families who have arrived there like us. Therefore, gatherings should be limited to residents of the house and a small number of guests. We’ll know how to respect, but even before we understand, these Easter rules on the second Easter in pandemic? Or will we get confused and perhaps in good faith, end up doing something wrong? Other areas are organized by Red areaAccording to the rules we already know: in addition to closed restaurants, it is possible to exercise only near the house and individually. Example: Those who scheduled an outdoor gymnasium above or below Ponte della Musica in Rome, canceled the meeting. Can not be done.

Lazio orange warnings: “worst week”

In the The second square You can move out of the area but it must be specified that the second home must be this way: it cannot be a home rented for the occasion or only recently acquired in use. You should be able to prove home ownership for some time. So, get paid bills (but not recent) or even a copy of the ownership certificate. These rules are designed to avoid the rush to find a second home, driven by the desire to escape local realities months after the pandemic. 4-5-6 are crucial days. Starting Tuesday, April 6, the rules will revert to those in effect now, so restricting home visits to friends and relatives, and maintaining closures affecting many businesses, bars and restaurants, will end. How much could be on the table for an Easter lunch? There are no accurate indications. There is a (vague) recommendation not to invite other people than coexistence. No more than the opinion of scholars. But there is no fixed numerical indicator. Tables will still be subject to the law. The trip out of town cannot be made on Easter Monday again this year. Tourist or recreational reason is not permitted.

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Draghi’s decree, Italy’s red zone for the whole of April (but there are possible exceptions for those making more vaccines)

Rome, Ztl closed from April 6. Traders’ wrath: ‘yet another heavy blow’

Between 3 and 5 April, it is possible to visit relatives and friends but only to one home, once a day, for a maximum of 2 persons plus children under 14 years of age, handicapped or not self-sufficient. A maximum of two non-cohabitants can be transported in the vehicle, as they must sit behind them and wear a mask. In front of the driver only. The seat adjacent to the driver’s seat must be left blank. For believers, it is impossible to get to the church they prefer. The one closest to the house should be chosen. However, the churches are open. The vigil will be made on Holy Saturday in respect Clothe That starts at 10 p.m., and the squares will be the heroes of the three Easter days. In Rome, remote parties are organized, from window to window or balcony to balcony. Someone plays the guitar in the courtyard, for example in the Piazza Bologna area, there are those who think about this kind of initiative, the condominiums listen and clap and then roast from a distance, everyone looks out from their home. This can be done.

Salvini: “Trust Dragee, don’t be closed by choosing Esperanza. After Easter, I’ll come back to life. “

In the Olympic Village they think of an Easter like this. Faraway but shared. You can go out for a walk (near your house) and even go to the park. In the second case, however, local restrictions can intervene. He will preside over the villas in Rome More than ever before by the police to avoid gatherings. In the meantime, they have already left for the Canary Islands or anywhere else. You can travel abroad to countries open for tourism, always following a self-declaration protocol and molecular or genetic testing upon arrival or return. The list of countries is quite extensive, from Andorra to Hungary. But it is better, even turning around the corner, to take the pigeon to a friend or relative, and go there with a sheet of self-affirmation, because you never know.

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