Registrations for the Fanta-Sanremo Tennis Cup are ongoing

March 22, 2023 Registration starts today Fanta Sanremo Tennis Cupthe fantasy game dedicated to tournament 125 Scheduled from March 26 to April 2 at San Remo Tennis.
Goal Fanta Sanremo Tennis Cupconceived and managed Master Group Sportsthe tournament organizer, is to create and manage virtual teams of five tennis players: four chosen from the main draw and one chosen from among the qualified players.

Each player has a bid calculated on the basis of the current rank and best rating, while eligible players are considered bonus players and therefore without a bid.
To create his own team, each coach in Fantasy will have a budget of 100 florins and the value of each credit saved will be, as for perfect Ligurians, +0.5. It starts from allocating points for victories, from +3 points for a tennis player who wins a match in two sets, to +2 points for a player who wins a match in three sets, up to the allocation of rewards and bonuses. . The tennis player who will win San Remo Tennis CupOn the other hand, it will make his Fantasy Coach gain 30 points.
Among the bonuses and bonuses, it is worth noting our Wimbledon bonusesintended for the player who starts the match in all white, to Malus Double Foul Self-Sabotage intended for completing the sixth or eleventh double-foul during a singles match.

How to participate

to register in Fanta Sanremo Tennis Cup It is necessary to send an email, by Sunday 26 March, to [email protected] containing:
• Team Name
• The name of the fantasy coach
• Team members and balance sheet for Consumer Fluorine


The main draw tennis players are divided into three pots, while the fourth pot is represented by the players who play in the playoffs:
to. Heaven’s Destination: Players who are or have been in the top 100
B. Made in Italy: Italian players
c. Salieri: International players who have never been in the top 100
Dr.. I Don’t Want the Moon: Eligible players are fifth on the team and are considered “extra players” and therefore at no cost

For full regulation:

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