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(ANSA) – Rome, August 13 – A limited number of medical schools suffice “If there are no doctors, the training system is not working and hundreds of young people who are unable to reach are killed.” To get back to the topic, which has always been moot, is today Lazio regional health advisor Alessio D’Amato but for some time several governors – Totti, Musumesi, Zaya, health advisor Luca Coleto in Umbria to name a few – insistently ask to cancel the locked number.

For Croy’s chief, Ferruccio Resta, “It’s not a problem of limited number but you need courage to plan and invest in priorities.

But University and Research Minister Cristina Mesa responded: “Starting in the 2022-2023 school year, there will indeed be a significant change in access to medical school: it is no longer a single appointment, but a path that allows children from the upper fourth level to the readiness, self-assessment and ability to take the test Several times during the year.” “A limited number is necessary, in order to maintain a high quality, both in the case of selection at the entrance and in the case of a ‘barrier’ for the second year of university, as happens in France,” he adds. (Dealing).

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