Regional Medicine and Foligno Hospital, there is an exchange of intent between Umbrian 2 descent and mayors of District 8

FOLIGNO – The exchange of intentions for the benefit of the territory and the citizens of the municipalities of the Social District 8 and Umbria 2. This is what emerged from the second meeting between the mayors of Foligno, Bevania, Gualdo Cataneo, Montefalco, Nocera Umbra, Sellano, Spello, Trevi and Valtopina with the General Director of Usl Umbria 2 Massimo De Fino. The health director accepted the invitation of the mayors to the discussion table during which some issues related to the organization and the views of the company’s services were examined, first and foremost the role of Foligno Hospital within the framework of the next regional health plan. The Director General provided great reassurance to the first citizens about the neurological role of “San Giovanni Battista” in the regional hospital network as a major hospital unit serving District 8 municipalities as well as a magnet, thanks also to the new road. The network, by neighboring regions such as the Marche. “The strengthening of Foligno Hospital – as Massimo de Vino said – is among the priorities of USL Umbria 2 and will see, among various measures, the strengthening of personnel and the implementation and improvement of technological tools and equipment.” Eligible projects include the emergency room renovation and augmentation, thanks to the modular structure created following the agreement between the Umbria region and former national emergency commissioner Domenico Arcuri, a 12-bed ICU. The mayors and the director shared the importance of ensuring the best public health for all citizens, and emphasized the need to improve the efficiency of social and health services, with special attention to initiative medicine that aims at health education and prevention. The development of social health services will include the creation of community homes to improve existing healthy homes and a new role for general practitioners in home care with the goal of reducing avoidable hospitalizations. “The relationship with institutions – commented the General Manager of the Health Company – is a necessary as well as essential dialogue so that the main needs of the regions can be gathered and rejected in medium and long term planning. The critical issues in the regions that have emerged with more evidence during this health emergency reinforce the mission of Developing public health with the aim of strengthening regional medicine, while revising which areas will be stronger and more central. ” The meeting confirmed that the Foligno-Spoleto-Valnerina region is an area affected by the amendment of the Regional Health Plan and that the Foligno and Spoleto Hospitals will remain the two main points of reference in the region, which will interact mutually through differentiation of activities and services. Then the issue of the epidemiological emergency was addressed, which, in recent weeks, has registered a comfortable reduction in injuries and an improvement in pressure on Foligno Hospital, which is currently not permitted to enter intensive care. The focus on the state of emergency highlighted the problem encountered in tracking infection and the need to strengthen the prevention department. Another element of concern is the suspension of some visits and operations, but it is now seeing the onset and restoration of waiting lists with the gradual resumption of surgical activity, particularly the highly complex activity. Usl Umbria 2 General Manager confirmed that the region’s second vaccination point, which will soon be operating in Spello, together with Foligno and in the service of general practitioners, will be in service of the regional vaccination campaign. Finally, there was room for reflection on the relationship between the health authority and the university given the importance of favoring the core pathway to integrate specialist professionals in district hospitals. Next Thursday there will be a meeting between the Azienda Usl Umbria 2 administration and the unions to address and define a common line on the issues to be taken up with the mayors of the local district 8.

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