Regional Adviser Pettaro: Medicine in Cosenza? Divisions are only at a critical stage ‘

“The new degree in medicine (in Cosenza) and engineering, as a result of the collaboration between Unical and the University of Magna Gracia, as it was conceived, creates confusion. In a phase of serious economic and social crises like the one that Calabria is going through, everything is required except for raising historically sensitive issues, disagreements and divisions. On the one hand – regional advisor Francesco Pettaro asserts – that what has been achieved, on the one hand, does not meet Cosenza’s expectations, given that it is an inter-university course aimed at studying digital technologies, and on the other hand it is. To raise protests and concerns in Catanzaro about the repercussions. The negativity that could arise in the medical school. He reiterates – as Petaro adds – the usual separation between “knowledge” and politics which in Calabria apparently continues to operate in weatherproof cabins, without the ability to participate and plan options to enhance the characteristics of the already existing concessions. Avoid the risk of being punished. This raises bewilderment, certainly not because of the intention to train a new generation of doctors in engineering and bioinformatics knowledge in an AI-afflicted world, but because of the methods. Used to deal with it. And why, moreover, no one explains why not doing all of this in Catanzaro, where for decades it has persisted, resisting multiple attempts to weaken the material and immaterial infrastructure that began at the highest levels. ”According to Petaro:“ As usual, in Calabria, even When making appropriate choices, we avoid, by distraction or deliberately, the pre-emptive involvement of public opinion, especially in the case of strong interest in the development of Calabria, the Regional Council. The seal of the agreement between the two universities of Calabria by the regional government is definitely flawed in form and content, because at this stage of the end of the legislature, the executive can only deal with the ordinary administration. Therefore, I will ask the regional president to withdraw the decision. According to Petaro: “The arguments in support of the selection, including the shortage of medical personnel and the growth in demand for training in medicine and surgery that far exceed the available places, are correct, but it is not possible to train truly new professional personalities in the College of Catanzaro Medicine? Is there really a need for a course Another to obtain a degree in medicine and surgery in Cosenza, Calabria? What is less than 100 kilometers from Catanzaro? ”Pettaro asserts:“ The critical notes, for clarity, do not start from narrow intentions, but from the conviction that Calabria must rediscover a sense of itself, It feels that it is a unified group of persons and structures who are privileged, even if individual regions exist, must be oriented to meet the needs of the entire community. The Medical College of Catanzaro has always been at the service of Calabria. ” For the regional advisor: “The city of Catanzaro is going through a period of severe social depression and is disoriented as it is, due to the lack of a strong and far-sighted political guide. She feels such a choice, making without his participation, like a further impoverishment of its power. We need to rethink what it is. Done! We need a regional policy that deals programmatically with the role, function and added value of the universities of Calabria. “

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