Reggio Emilia vs VL Pesaro

At 20:30, the 24th day ends with a match between Reggio Emilia and Pizarro.

These are the words of the coaches on the eve of the meeting.

Box: First of all, I would like to applaud my players for the daily commitment they are making that they have also shown last week, which is definitely a challenge but they are taking on very seriously – coach Atilio Kaga said – I am confident that with these assumptions we can get the results we all want. Pissarro is a tough opponent, his heroism proves that. They have a very experienced coach, which is an option that has definitely made significant dividends after the last few years. I am delighted to meet Caen and Tambone, the players I coached at Varese and who have made a significant contribution to the excellent seasons. They are joined by historical rivals like Delfino and Feloe, the athletes who always know what to do on the field and whom I respect so much. Having said that, we are ready and confident in our ability to do our part, I am satisfied above all with the seriousness that the team places in everyday life. In basketball you can win and you can lose, but this is the right attitude and way to achieve results. Dedication, Commitment, and Perseverance: Aspects that I also want to emphasize for all of our fans, who can only watch us on TV and who we want to offer them that satisfaction that we haven’t been able to get so far.


“The team is working well and with a lot of will to rediscover the freshness that characterized us in the first part of the season. We added an Eboua who has to work hard in some ways but in others he is exceptional. We will use it in the right way without going overboard. It’s new from the G-League and from the experience in The United States, but I love Paul even if he has to be here with his head. “

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Three months after the injury, the elderly women returned to train with us. It’s not 100% but Franz has great desire and goals – like everyone else – to finish the season in the best possible way. On Monday night he will play but he has not yet come close to the player we know, “explained Repessa, coach.

“We will be facing Reggio Emilia, a team – like all Caja teams – with great strength and intensity as its basic characteristics. A tough challenge awaits us, as they came back from Romania where they did well in the European Cup, and it will be a very difficult match, but we have prepared ourselves enough for the match on Monday night. I think.” Playing these matches was an advantage for them in order to integrate the new additions in the best way possible. We spoke to Delfino, who may seem to be in decline, but Carlos, as always, in the last game put a lot of energy and experience and knows how to recover, “concluded the coach The Croatian by Carbigna Prosciutto Basket Pissarro.

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