Reggio Emilia returns to the gym under the guidance of Menetti

Balkanestro Reggiana photos

The new adventure of Max Menetti at the helm of the Pallacanestro Reggiana begins today in the Cassala gymnasium, in fact, today and until the end of the month, it will resume a series of training sessions with some elements of last season, but above all it will be an opportunity to see some players under the contract of Reggio but who played the tournament in other clubs. Among last season’s squad at the moment, only Baldi Rossi has two sons under 19, Riccardo Carta and Jacopo Soliani, while Alessandro Cibula (who started the season in Urania Milan and ended in Treviglio), Carlo Porfiglio has returned to Reggio. Antonio Jacopo Soveiro (both in Biella).

According to tradition, some possibilities are also important for understanding their possible arrival, such as Matteo Cavallero, winger 203 cm born in 2003 last season at Urania Milan (A2), Jacopo Ragusa, axis 203 cm, born in 2000 coming from Monopoli (Serie B), Diego Lucas, playmaker born in 1996 178 cm tall outside St. Mary’s College, Emmanuel Enehe, winger 199 cm tall born 1998 a year later in Bisgli (Second League), Eduardo Bertucci, hub 212 cm 1996 Seen at the Oleggio in Season 20/21 (Serie B) and finally Gabriele Berra, the 195cm winger born in 2000 who just finished the championship in San Severo (A2).

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