Referee nominations round 19 of the Italian Serie A

The Hague announced the arbitration appointments for the nineteenth day of Serie A, 2020/2021, for the matches that will take place between Friday 22 January and Monday 25 January 2021.

Italian League: What are the referees’ dates in the 19th round of the First Division?

Benevento Turin

Referee: Giacomelli

Assistants: Vicky Lombardo

Fourth man: Dionysian

Var: Posted by Paulo

Avar: de Eurio

Fiorentina Crotone

Verdict: Piccini

Assistants: Pacini-Colarossi

Yves Man: Souza

Var: Mazzolini

Avar: Paganisi

Genoa Cagliari

Referee: De Bello

Assistants: Prisme Bagnota

Yves Man: Pizzuto

Yes: Valerie

Avar: Tigoni

Juventus Bologna

Verdict: Sake

Assistants: Vivenza Prina

Yves Man: Gerseny

The bar: Calvarese

Avar: de Meo

Lazio Sassuolo

Verdict: Joya

Auxiliaries: Beretta Carboni

Yves Man: Filler

Where: Murshid

Avar: Tulfo

AC Milan – Atalanta

Referee: Mariani

Assistants: Gialatini Preeti

Fourth man: the pen

Var: Chevy

Avar: Rangiti

Parma Sampdoria

Referee: Manganiello

Assistants: Valeriani Skatragli

Fourth man: Santoro

Var: Dovery

Avar: Free

Roma Spizia

Referee: Barreto

Assistants: Le Cicero Fiorito

Fourth Man: The Abyss

Var: Pantie

Avar: the youngest

Udine Inter

Referee: Mariska

Assistants: Imperial de Volo

Yves Man: Forno

The place: Aureliano

Avar: Mundin

H. Verona of Naples

Verdict: Blacksmiths

Assistants: Alassio Bagliardini

Yves Man: Di Martino

Where: Nasca

Avar: Millie

Juventus Bologna: Possible Formations and on TV

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