Reducing player count to 5v5 worries in PvP mode for professional players –

Observation 2 It will bring many changes compared to the first semester, and among those announced so far, it has aroused some interest but also some interest, Especially among professional players, Reducing plant variety protection there is a difference Five players.

We’ve seen new videos of Overwatch 2 gameplay on the new maps and modes introduced for Chapter 2, including maps of Roma and Monte Carlo, but among the many positive and interesting news, reduce the amount Players are allowed to play in PvP It appears to have been received controversially.

Overwatch 2 introduces 5v5 PvP, which reduces the number of players and worries professional players

This mainly concerns an area Professional players, Which is likely to face a general reorganization of teams: Currently,Watch League It focuses on matches between two teams of 6 players each, but by switching to Overwatch 2, the total players in the game could only be 10.

It’s not a small novelty as you might think, in fact as if in a team sport it suddenly decides to reduce the number of players allowed in the game, the general reorganization will lead to a first moment of chaos, most likely, and this is what happens among professional players in Overwatch.

The classic team structure must necessarily be in the current 2-2-2 format magazine, With a variety of character classes between tanks, attackers and support, with a certain chance of seeing Cut the rows of tanks, Although this should also depend on changes in scale, players, and map design.

On Twitter, the Interactions Professional Overwatch players have diversified, but nearly everyone agrees that this decrease in the number of players in the game will be reflected in the inevitability that many players receive from their roles. While some argue that this could make the procedure cleaner and easier to follow, many others criticize the choice of Blizzard and some even claim that it was simply made to save money in the Overwatch League organization.

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