Reducing calorie consumption protects against aging: a new scientific study

Losing weight fast is definitely the dream of many people who fight their personal battle with a Libra every day. Despite the holistic commitment, Made with physical activity but also care On the table, losing weight is often not easy and it can depend on various factors.

What is certain is that insiders always recommend gradual and deliberate weight loss Which takes into account the nutritional and physiological needs of the individual. Each diet must be created, and it must reflect the identity of the subject being eaten And the expression of an individual dietary lifestyle. For these reasons, losing weight slowly is the first step toward successful low-calorie dieting.

site of The Veronesi Foundation has published a paper Created by Vishwa Deep Dixit at Yale University School of Medicine Which refers to a calorie deficit, which is the staple of the diet and fast weight loss. Research emphatically confirms this To reduce Consumption of calories protects against aging And all those related diseases. The results obtained are derived from the analysis of two groups of people, one of whom experienced a calorie deficit for a period of time, while the other continued to eat without any kind of restriction or deprivation.

It means cutting calories Reduce the inflammatory process and Thus there is an increase in longevity.

Calorie deficiency all the positive effects

The results obtained from the analysis led to confirmation From the group that underwent a Preferred to limit food some mechanisms This delays aging. It can be said that reducing calories is definitely beneficial, but if you do it to lose weight it is always best to consult a doctor.

Each case is unique and requires Individual examination confirms needs and requests. Eating less certain does not mean losing weight in a few days: the ideal mood is to lose weight gradually and not shock the body. Eating well and in a healthy and balanced manner is the ultimate goal of a diet that should not only be aimed at losing weight, but should be educated on a healthy diet.

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