Redfall looks more like Far Cry than Left 4 Dead –

Redfallan Xbox exclusive for 2023, not inspired by left 4 Dead gameas many believe, but artificial intelligence is more far cry. This was said by Harvey Smith and Riccardo Pare of Arkane Studios in an interview with Games Radar + magazine, where they said they were really satisfied with the results achieved with the game.

Redfall is introduced as a co-op shooter, immediately compared to Left 4 Dead. However, Riccardo Bari made it clear that this isn’t a Valve game we need to be looking at, emphasizing that he considers the misunderstanding understandable: “It’s understandable that someone came to this conclusion. There are four playable characters, you can play cooperatively and take on the undead.” .But in terms of the gameplay and the experience that Redfall offers, it’s nothing like those games. Redfall is like Far Cry.”

Arkane Studios’ goal with Redfall was never to create a co-op shooter in which you face off against hordes of enemies, but more to experience the characteristics they are known for in an open world, allowing the player to shape their adventure.

Naked: “You’re in a big opera world. There’s a base where you can talk to NPCs and get side quests. You can go through quests and go through story-related quests. Or you can do whatever you want and go out, go somewhere, go to Carnage and see what world We created it.”

How big is the world of Redfall? Much more so than Talos I, which is where Prey is set. Smith then explained that part of the game’s appeal would come from the freedom of approach: “Some of Redfall’s best moments come from wandering around, absorbing the world and being immersed in the action in an instant. That’s the atmosphere we wanted to create from the get-go.”

Redfall is scheduled to be released in 2023, a date yet to be determined. Some rumors want to roll out soon and according to Arkane members’ words, the game is almost ready.

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