Redevelopment and seismic works: 2.3 million euros for three gymnasiums in Piacenza

Approximately €2.3 million from PNRR for redevelopment and seismic adaptation interventions at three county county gyms. The resources come from the positive response to the largest number of proposals submitted (by the last February 28 deadline) by the offices of the Corso Garibaldi Authority to a public notice that, in the context of the PNRR (Task 4 – Education and Research), made it possible to fund project proposals “related to construction, safety and renovation”. Gymnasiums or outdoor sports areas with reference to public buildings used for school use in the first and second cycles of education.

Taking into account the indications in the announcement, the district technicians identified a gymnasium for the branch office in Borgonovo Val Tedoni of the Volta School in Castel San Giovanni, the gymnasium of the Agricultural Institute (former Tramello) in Piacenza and a gymnasium located within the barracks of the fire brigade Previously in Viale Dante in Piacenza. The architectural and functional redevelopment of the gymnasiums, as well as through the technological adaptation and adaptation of the spaces, will bring together the interventions made possible thanks to the success of the nominations submitted by the district. The amounts funded through PNRR will be 850 thousand euros for an area of ​​1400 square meters (field + changing rooms) for the gymnasium of the Borgonovo Val Tidone branch of the Volta di Castel San Giovanni school complex, in the amount of 850 thousand euros for a square of 1300 square metres. meters of surface (field + changing rooms) of the gymnasium of the Agricultural Institute (former Tramello) in Piacenza and 565 thousand euros for an area of ​​500 square meters (field + changing rooms) of the gymnasium of the former fire brigade located inside the former barracks The fire brigade of Viale Dante in Piacenza, used by secondary school students and (after an agreement with the municipality of Piacenza) for sports clubs.

From a timing point of view, works funded in this way must be awarded by December 31, 2023. For the county council member responsible for public works and school construction, Massimiliano Morganti: “PNRR’s funding of the three projects nominated by the province of Piacenza is a source of great satisfaction. On the one hand, because it confirms the quality of the work done, in continuous synergy, by the administration and offices, on the other hand because schools, students and citizens as a whole will be able to benefit tangibly from the results of rehabilitation and seismic adaptation that will be obtained through the interventions that will affect the gymnasiums “.

From the publication of the rating, the Ministry of Education has shown that no other applications have been accepted at the moment. Gruparello asked for 227,000 euros, Villanova 161,000, Alta Val Tedoni 1,106,000, Morfaso 104 thousand, Castelvetro 135 thousand, Pecenzon 40, and Ziano 110 thousand. The municipalities of Gossolengo, Vigolzone, Alseno and Alta Val Tidone have requested new construction and expansion interventions.

The good news is that thanks to another €200 million, municipalities will be able to apply by 3:00pm on August 22, 2022.

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