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Finally, the controversy over the current status of Red Dead Online, with many users standing Protesting Rockstar Games, via social media, because of Content scarcity which recently distinguished the online multiplayer platform of Red Dead Redemption 2, with all efforts seeming to be focused on GTA Online, at least according to what these users reported.

The company recently announced the first update of 2022, which includes some bonuses and additions planned for the upcoming period, including special events Call to Arms, Gang Hideout, and others, but this is not enough for many Red Dead Online players, who are complaining about the lack of commitment from Rockstar Games On Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer platform.

Red Dead Online, a meme released on Reddit about the current state of support
Red Dead Online, a meme released on Reddit about the current state of support

Above all, it is clear, according to many, that The difference in treatment Between Red Dead Online and GTA Online, with developers looking more focused on the latter than the former: Despite being active since 2013, multiplayer GTA 5 has experienced more steady and progressive development and will now be supported by more than Rockstar’s commitment, according to players frustrated.

For this reason, Twitter is ramping up its rangehashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline, in the mainstream in these early days of 2022, in an effort by users to show some opposition to Rockstar Games, trying to get it to get more involved on Red Dead Online: “Two years of this crap stuff at Rockstar now, you simply aren’t interested anymore: gone Attention to Red Dead 2 ”, e.g. Ben T. wrote on Twitter.

GTA Detective writes: “Three years of neglecting Red Dead Online in favor of a chaotic 8-year-old game like GTA Online. Red Dead Online was left to rot due to Rockstar’s incompetence in listening to their community,” GTA Detective wrote. some examples.

Things are not getting better reddit, as the official sub-game of the game is often invaded by protest posts, as well as cynical memes about the “disappearance” of Rockstar Games from the world of Red Dead Online, which have been left to themselves without major updates.

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