Red Bull, the reason for Verstappen’s withdrawal in Australia. Latest Engine Problems – 2022

Speak into microphones ORFAnd Helmut Marko Reveal the reason that withdrawal will cost a Max Verstappen at Australia. According to Austrian words, the explosion of the RB18 high-pressure tank tube of the reigning world champion was determined by the now-famous porpoise effect. During the interview, team manager Milton Keynes also focused on engine related events.

Here are all the details.

Marko reveals: ‘Verstappen retired because of porpoises’

Here is what Helmut Marko told the Austrian newspaper regarding Verstappen’s withdrawal from Australia and the placement of the engine:

On Verstappen’s retirement in Australia

“After conducting the necessary checks, we found a broken hose in the high pressure tank. It blew, we assume, because of porpoises, but now everything is fine, we are under control, even if there are still small jumps. We took a hard hit in Melbourne. And now we’re a lot behind Leclerc. But we responded quickly.”

on engine condition

“As for the engine, I think it was clear that the problems in Bahrain were very different from those we had in Australia or in pre-season testing. According to Honda, we can expect the engine problems to be fixed by the next race.”

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