Red Bull receives a big FIA fine for violating budget cap

The decision comes after it was discovered that the team had a maximum F1 budget of nearly $1.8 million.

the team Red Bull From Formula 1 Wanted Pay a fine of $7 million and a loss of 10% of the aerodynamic development allowance After agreeing to an agreement with the FIA ​​to breach the cost cap.

After the Japanese Grand Prix, it was revealed that Red Bull was the only team to exceed the $145 million budget cap of $1.8 million.

Overspending has been committed in four main areas, i.e. CateringAnd the The benefit of the diseaseAnd the Unused spare parts And the recovery problems Taxes in the UK.

The team, however, It initially committed an excess spending of $5.6 million that was reduced to $1.8 million After clarification, I spoke with the FIA ​​about the elements of surplus spending that should be taken into consideration.

Therefore, in addition to what is referred to as a “minor infraction” (less than $5 million) in the financial regulations, the team committed a procedural offense for failing to provide its final observations by the March 31 deadline.

However, the FIA ​​confirmed today that Red Bull has agreed through the so-called Breach agreement accepted (ABA). This means that the team accepts infractions and receives financial and sports fines rather than harsher penalties up to and including possible points deduction or tournament disqualification.

Penalties for Red Bull

The team led by the president Christian Hornerinitially disputed that he violated the budget cap, but through the ABA has already admitted he did, albeit due to differences in the interpretation of the regulations.

However, the fine will not be deducted from the current cost limit, which means that Red Bull doesn’t actually lose $7 million in performance expensesthough Development will be affected by a 10% discount on aerodynamic odds and CFDs.

Red Bull is already set to have the shortest development time for a 2023 car, having won the 2022 Constructors Championship.

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