Recreation of Stomwind Harbor of World of Warcraft, Amazing Result –

Players Valhaim They use this survival as a creative sandbox and recreate popular places from other games week after week. Now, we suggest what user ericxsg made and then share it on Reddit. We are talking, as you can see below, about Stormiend harbor, the site is not a world of warcraft. The result is really incredible.

Share user four pictures From his version of Stormwind Harbor from World of Warcraft that allows us to see what was created in Valheim from multiple angles. There are various docks, the harbor fort that overlooks the area, stairs and ramps all connected and even ships waiting to sail.

This was made possible by an exploit Game debugging mode Which allows you to work with countless resources like Minecraft Creative Mode. This is a great way to work on a business like this in Valheim.

We repeat that what was accomplished is remarkable and we are sure it required many hours of dedication and comparison with the original area to make sure everything was as similar as possible. The only limitations are those of Valheim’s game engine: The creator actually explains that during build, the game ran between 20 and 25 frames per second, compared to the regular 90 fps you would reach when playing normally in the woods and other settings of the survival game.

Nor is it the first time that a player from Valheim has recreated a well-known place: we have already shown you, for example, Riverwood from Skyrim.

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