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Record number at Helston Airport

L ‘winter Turns cold in a lot ofeastern australia. some parts Queensland They are experiencing lower than normal temperatures due to a large cold front that has brought devastating winds, rain and snow to the southern states. Frost spread across southern and central Queensland into Ravenshaw on Friday 15 July.

In the New South WalesFriday morning was frigid, and the state’s interior fell below freezing. L ‘Hillston Airport Created a new file absolute cool record (for any month) from -6.0°C. This is the world’s first meteorological station with a long observation period to set a record for absolute cold in 2022. More than 140 heat records have been observed so far in 2022 (with many more on the verge of falling in Europe).

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In New South Wales, conditions in the Central Highlands and Riverina regions were so cold that they created foggy conditions that could be detected by satellite. The coldest temperatures were recorded near Kuma and Beja they saw -8 degrees Celsiusand Goulburn who recorded temperatures -6 degrees Celsius. In the Australian Capital Territory, temperatures were barely -5 degrees Celsius.

Alice Springs, IN Northern Territory, It was his coldest morning since 2016 on Friday, July 15, on record -4 degrees CelsiusMeteorologist Miriam Bradbury of the Met Office said. “Every night since July 3, freezing drops below zero in Alice Springs. And the Victoria Witnessed the start of the coldest winter since the 1940s“, he added.

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